Dental implants are used when a patient has lost one or more teeth. The ensuing gaps can cause embarrassment for the patient, who may be uncomfortable smiling or speaking because it reveals a gap. The gap can also allow the other teeth to shift, over time, causing a misalignment that can create even further dental problems.

Dental implants are a way of permanently replacing that missing tooth and restoring full tooth function, as well as the confidence of the patient. In Newport Beach, dental implants are typically done as a two-step process that takes six or more months to complete. In a surgical procedure, the implant is mounted in the jawbone, and, covered by the gums, it takes anywhere from four to six months to heal. Once the site is healed, the gums are reopened and posts are inserted: one for each tooth. Then the artificial tooth can be permanently mounted on the post.

Newport Beach dental implants are a complicated process, but can result in a brighter smile and improved dental health. Why walk around with gaps in your teeth, afraid to talk to others or smile in person or for photographs, when there is a viable alternative? There is no need to hide your dental situation when it can be remedied. If you are one of those people who have lost a tooth and feel embarrassed about it, or if you simply want to restore your teeth to a fully functioning status, why not see if dental implants can provide the change you are looking for at a reasonable price?