Woman pointing to preferred dental products

Today there are so many options for at home care products. To help you make the best choices for your care and lifestyle, we have created a list complete with some of the best dental care products available today. Many of our listed products are available at our dental practice.

Should you have any questions about how these products might enhance your current care routine, please do not hesitate to contact our smile care team at (949)380-0700.

Better Breath

Chlorhexidine mouthwash
Oxyfresh mouth wash

Brilliant Brushing

Braun 3D Excel
Flouridex toothpaste
MI Paste
Oral B manual brush
Oxyfresh toothpaste
Sonicare Elite

Fabulous Flossing Options

Access Flosser by Reach
Floss threaders

Great Gums

Oxyfresh dental gel
Teledyne waterpicks
Tooth & gum tonic

Mouth Sore Solutions