Dr. Schneider is committed to dental advancement. He consistently observes, auditions and reviews the latest dental technologies. He invests only in technology he believes will directly benefit those in his care.

DIAGNOdent – Cavity finding laser that helps with early detection

Intraoral Cameras – Provides dental professional and patient with an up close view of the mouth and areas where treatment may be recommended.

Invisalign – Clear, plastic aligners that straighten teeth over time

Kreativ Mach 5 – Air abrasion machine that cleans out a cavity without a shot or a drill. There is no popping sound which lasers have, and no painful or loud drilling. This machine is needle free, drill free dentistry at its best.

Oral Sedation – Patients who experience high levels of dental anxiety may benefit from oral conscious sedation treatment options

Zap Laser – Photodynamic therapy tool helps kill harmful bacteria in gums


Kreativ Air Abrasion™ – Before bonding any all-ceramic restoration (veneer, crown, onlay), Dr. Schneider cleans the tooth with the Kreativ Air Abrasion Mach 5.0 Plus, which utilizes a gentle wisping with sterilized powder over the tooth. This technology does an incredible job of cleaning off microscopic debris, which benefits patients by creating a better and cleaner tooth surface for a stronger, and in many cases longer lasting, bond.