So, you’re considering having Irvine dental implants? Getting them installed may initially sound scary but in reality, it’s a simple and effective procedure that will leave you feeling great.

At Dr. Schneider’s, we’ll explain the procedure in as much detail as you like. This means you’ll know exactly what to expect if you do choose to go ahead with the work.

Before receiving your Irvine dental implants

If you’re interested in Irvine dental implants, the first step is to arrange an appointment between yourself and Dr. K. Schneider. You’ll then learn all about the procedure, and whether you are a suitable candidate.

If you still wish to continue, you’ll be scheduled in for the first stage.

The dental implants will be inserted directly into your jawbone. Some people spend time worrying about this part. It’s worth remembering that you’ll be heavily sedated and won’t feel any pain.

After receiving your dental implants

Once the titanium implants have been installed, they will need to heal into your jawbone for a few months.

You’ll be invited back for regular checkups during which time we’ll make sure everything’s going to plan.

Once the implants have healed into place, we’ll bring you back in to fix your prosthetic teeth onto them.

After that, it’s time to enjoy your new found confidence and winning smile.