If you have experienced a serious injury that killed one of your teeth, you may just be a few short weeks or months away from seeing the full effects of that injury. As much as you may hate to think about having dental work done, the fact of the matter is that if you have a dead tooth in your mouth, it is only a matter of time before you aren’t the only one who knows you have a dead tooth.

Sometimes a fall or some sort of heavy impact will loosen your tooth to that the roots are no longer attached. Just like anything else with roots, when the roots are not attached there is no way to get nutrients through to the tooth. It is easiest to see this in plants and trees, as it is obvious when they die. They turn brown and brittle.

Your Orange County cosmetic dentist probably won’t be able to save your tooth, but he or she will be able to save you from the embarrassment that can be the result of a dead tooth. Over time, that tooth will turn an ugly brown color and can cause you to avoid smiling, talking, or going out at all. It could even impact the results of job or college interviews, even if no one says that is the problem. Visit your Orange County cosmetic dentist today to learn what your options may be for dealing with a dead tooth.