Over the years, our teeth lose their pearly white color as we stain them with coffee, tea, sodas, berries and tobacco. Yellowed or darkly stained teeth are common, as you age, but you do not have to live with it. Depending on your habits, it is likely that you have tried whitening toothpastes with less than stellar results. In order to restore your teeth to their original beautiful white color, you should consult a professional Orange County Dentist.

While using a whitening toothpaste and brushing religiously can help prevent new stains from settling in on your teeth, you need a deep professional cleaning and some whitening treatments to get out deeply embedded stains that have worked into the enamel and down into the dentin of your tooth, where the enamel has been damaged. Because a professional can determine the areas of damage and perform whitening treatments with bleaching trays, or lasers, as necessary, there won’t be any more damage caused by the treatment. Once your teeth are white and healthy, an Orange County dentist can then work to restore the coating and prevent future staining.

There is no need to spend a fortune on different over the counter tooth whitening products or various tooth cleansers, only to see very little improvement; simply visit a professional dentist and get whitening that preserves the health of your teeth. There are times when over the counter items can be useful, but when it comes to the beauty of your smile, let a professional make the choices that will leave you with healthy white teeth.