You may remember getting a filling for a cavity as a child. The filling was probably silver or gold in color, and it probably stands out from the rest of your teeth. Fortunately, there are new options offered by your Irvine cosmetic dentist that can make your new fillings blend in with the rest of your molars flawlessly.

Tooth-colored fillings and crowns will help you smile with confidence once again. No longer will people notice that you have a crown or filling, which can eliminate some awkward looks and conversations. Whether you need a new filling, or you simply want to replace your older, metal ones, your cosmetic dentist can add the finishing touch to your smile.

Replacing those old metal fillings can be a smart move for your health. Many of the old fillings contain mercury, which can be harmful to your nervous system. While research has not shown exactly how much of a risk mercury fillings might be, there is some concern about mercury vapors being released by the fillings into the mouth and respiratory system.

Tooth-colored resin fillings have proven to be durable and attractive alternatives to metal amalgam fillings. Another benefit is that your dentist will need to remove less of the tooth when using the resin material, making your visit for fillings more quick and comfortable.

If you need to have a tooth filled, or you simply want to replace your old fillings, tooth-colored options offered by your Irvine dentist can create a beautiful finish that will make you want to smile a bit more than usual.