Are you looking for a Newport Beach cosmetic dentist? If you are looking to make your smile look like a million dollars with dental implants, then you need to know what you are looking for in a dentist. Cosmetic dentistry can change your entire life but you want to find a Newport Beach cosmetic dentist who has experience and knowledge that will serve you well. You don’t want just anyone messing around with a procedure that can permanently fix the way your teeth look and feel.


Cosmetic dentistry involves procedures that are done completely based on what looks good to the client. People often get dentistry work done because there is pain or the roots of their teeth may interfere with things like sinus cavities. A dentist who specializes in the field of cosmetic dentistry knows that you are there because you want to look great so you can feel good about your smile. Dr. Kurt Schneider has the experience and knowledge you are looking for so you can start planning your procedure today.