The things you need to do to prepare for Irvine dental implants will depend largely on how your current dental situation is and how much work is to be done. It takes 6-8 months for implants to fuse to the bone and during this time you probably want to have something in place while you wait for the entire implant procedure to be complete.

Your Irvine dental implants can be put in without anyone knowing about it. If you currently wear a plate or a partial plate, you can continue to do this until your permanent tooth is put in after the implant has fused to the bone. If you do not have a plate or a partial plate, you might consider wearing one until the procedure is complete. Do not be concerned that people will notice because partial plates are easy to use and not noticeable. In fact, unless you tell people or your current teeth are visibly in bad shape, they might not know you had any work done at all.