Dr. Kurt Schneider a popular Orange County dentist thinks that semi-annual dental checkups are a great way to maintain good dental hygiene and health. Here are some of the other details that you may want to know about before your dental check-up.

A subjective assessment usually signals the start of your dental check-up. This is important because this will tell if you need to make lifestyle modifications to keep your gums and teeth in good shape. After the interview session, your collaborative dental goals with the dentist will be identified. This will help the dentist determine what treatment to prioritize during your dental sessions.

Aside from the traditional manual procedures in checking your head, oral cavity, and neck, you will also undergo intraoral assessment using a camera. During this assessment procedure, the Orange County dentist will thoroughly explain the results and the significance of each assessment procedure that is conducted.

Dr. Kurt Schneider will help you make the most out of your dental check-ups. He has years of experience brightening the smiles of countless Orange County residents.