The perfect Hollywood smile can now be yours, thanks to the fully-certified Newport Beach Invisalign treatments offered by Dr. K. Schneider. It’s a painless, quick way for anyone looking to fix the alignment of their teeth– without the need for wire braces. So how does it work?

Being Fitted with Your Newport Beach Invisalign

Dr. Schneider will fit an almost-invisible set of braces specifically molded to your teeth. These will be gradually realigned over time, ensuring your teeth end up in the right position. There’s no problem too big; whether it’s an overbite, underbite or gaps that are keeping you from smiling, Dr. Schneider can fix it. He also offers specialized treatments for teenagers and young people. These specially-designed aligners are removable, so as not to affect the emergence of any new teeth. Choose Dr. Schneider for Newport Beach Invisalign. We guarantee you’ll love the results.  Call today at (949) 380-0700 to set up an initial consultation.