There is probably no other period in life when your self-esteem is so questionable, other than the teen years. Some things are growing faster than you want them to, like your feet and nose, while other things are not growing as fast as you would like, like your legs and hair. Having dental issues at this age can do untold damage to your self-esteem, but, for some teens, having those issues fixed can also be traumatic. That is why more teens prefer Mission Viejo Invisalign for their orthodontic treatments.

Although some teens don’t mind regular braces, and even seem to actually enjoy them, the teen who prefers not to draw attention to himself or herself is probably going to feel more comfortable with Mission Viejo Invisalign than with traditional braces.

Teeth that are noticeably crooked or have an extreme overbite or extreme underbite can cause other children to make fun. As a result, a teen may withdraw, smile less, talk less, and might even engage in self-harming behaviors. As an adult you may think it is not a big deal, but for a teen today, the pressure to look good is more significant than ever before. That is one reason that braces that can’t be seen by others is a viable option for teens today. They get to see the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that their teeth are soon going to be straight, but they don’t have to contend with more harassment from other teens who like to give kids a hard time.

If you can help your child have a healthy self-esteem with something as simple as a modern method of straightening teeth, wouldn’t the effort be worth it to you?