While the term “root canal” may instill fear in dental patients, the reality is that dental technology has advanced tremendously in recent years, giving you the opportunity to have a root canal with minimal discomfort. Your Newport Beach dentist will guide you through every step of the procedure, ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire visit.

A root canal is simply the removal of infected pulp from your tooth, which can ensure that you do not lose the tooth. With local anesthesia and modern dentistry techniques, your appointment will go very smoothly. Once the pulp is removed, your tooth will usually require either a filling or crown, though neither one should be cause to worry—your dentist will make sure that you are comfortable through this process, as well. Typically, your complete root canal can be done in just one appointment, so it will not take a very long time.

It’s important to schedule your root canal right away. Delaying this vital treatment can result in a serious infection, which can affect the surrounding teeth and will require more significant treatment. If left unchecked, you may also be at risk for infections caused by bacteria entering your bloodstream.

Your Newport Beach dentist will make sure that you understand exactly what to expect from your appointment and the following days. You will also get the chance to discuss different anesthesia treatments and relaxation techniques that will help you get through the experience of having a root canal with little discomfort or anxiety.