If you are wondering if you should seek help from your Irvine dentist, all you have to do is know which signs to look for regarding your oral health. While you can certainly visit an Irvine dentist in order to make your smile a bit brighter or do something like have your teeth whitened, there are certain instances when going to the dentist is a serious matter concerning your health, rather than how you look.

Pain: Pain is a certain indicator that you need to visit the dentist. Where there is pain, there is bacteria. The pain is due to the swelling that happens when your body fights the bacteria. You may need to deal with the infection, before anything can be done with the tooth, itself.

Swelling: If you experience swelling, but you are not experiencing pain, you need to visit the dentist. Sooner or later you will have the pain to go with the swelling, but the swelling is an indication of some type of infection. It should be dealt with immediately in order to avoid causing yourself more damage.

Excessive bleeding or bad breath: It is normal to occasionally have blood on your toothbrush. It may be an indication that you need to switch to a softer brush. On the other hand, when you have regular or excessive bleeding, it can be an indication of serious dental issues. If this is accompanied by bad breath on a regular basis, you most likely have gum disease and need to see your dentist immediately.