Showing off your perfect pearly whites in the family’s Christmas photos can be as easy as making an appointment, today, to choose an Orange County cosmetic dentist.

Whether it is teeth that need straightening via Invisalign, or a dental implant to replace teeth that are showing the signs of use, age and improper care, an Orange County cosmetic dentist can help take your smile from Halloween horror story to Christmas miracle. Start now, to get the results you want in time to dazzle your family at Christmas dinner. With sedation dentistry as an option, you do not have to be awake while they transform those ugly chompers into a perfect smile.

For teeth that look like candy corn, or are chipped and dirty, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening are all options for helping create a smile of which you can be proud. This year, opt for the Christmas gift you really want — a brighter smile and a healthier mouth. When your teeth are straighter, your mouth is healthier. It’s easier to floss and maintain your dental health. Even chewing your Thanksgiving dinner is easier, with teeth that are well-aligned.

If it’s a broken tooth, an ancient silver filling, or just too many years of coffee and tea that are marring your smile, your cosmetic dentist can evaluate the problems and create a custom solution to make your smile shine. Replace missing teeth with a bridge or partial dental implants, and get that just-cleaned feeling. Whatever it takes to make your smile the best part of your white Christmas, visit now, and we can make it happen.