Need Implant Supported Bridges near Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA?

Implant supported bridges are very similar in nature to that of a regular dental bridge, with the exception that they are supported by dental implants instead of your natural teeth. In most cases where an implant supported bridge is used, dental implants are placed where the missing teeth are, and the crowns are attached to each other to form one solid piece.

When Should I Consider an Implant Supported Bridge?

Implant supported bridges are used when more than just one tooth are missing, otherwise a procedure such as a single dental implant would be used. However, a dentist might suggest an implant supported bridge instead of a single implant, to avoid instances where you might place too much pressure on an individual implant.

If the implants are placed next to natural teeth, those teeth must be in good health. If you don’t have enough bone to support the placement of a dental implant, the supporting jawbone can be augmented to accommodate the needed implants.

Dental Implant Bridge Problems

There are certain problems that can arise from the installation of a dental implant bridge. For example, bridges can irritate your gums and even result in infection if not properly fitted to your mouth. They can also be highly distracting, which although isn’t a serious issue, can be quite the nuisance if left unattended. It’s also important to note that implant bridges are not meant to last a lifetime. In instances where they are properly installed and good oral hygiene is maintained, one can expect their bridge to last upwards of 10 – 15 years.

When proper oral hygiene is not practiced, bacteria can grow grow on the surrounding teeth and gums. This can result in tooth decay and gingivitis, which can compromise the integrity of the bridge. Lastly, it is possible that a bridge can not be properly shaped or fitted within your mouth. When this occurs, it can affect not only the other teeth in your mouth, but your overall bite. An improper bite can lead to severed jaw and mouth pain, so make sure you let your dentist know if your bridge does not seem to be fitting properly.

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