Need a Root Canal near Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA?

Root canal. It used to be one of the scariest terms you could hear from your dentist. Today, root canals are virtually pain free thanks to many advancements in dental care technology.

A root canal a smart solution for restoring health to a tooth with large, deep cavities, multiple filling placement or dental pulp trauma resulting from trauma.

How Root Canals Work

Root canal therapy treats the inside of your tooth removing infected dental pulp and replacing it with advanced materials that protect your tooth from inflammation and prohibit future flare ups and discomfort. Thanks to state of the art technology most root canal therapy can be completed in one appointment.

What You Feel During a Root Canal

The majority of root canal patients experience little or no pain during treatment because Dr. Schneider has completed advanced course work in a wide variety of anesthesia protocols that eliminate sensation during treatment. You may experience some discomfort after treatment, but Dr. Schneider and his team provide you with recommendations for over the counter medication to mitigate any pain.

Dr. Schneider and is team are specialists in relieving dental pain. If there is a tooth, or teeth which cause you discomfort, please call our smile care team to schedule a visit at (949) 380-0700.