We create custom-fit mouth guards for patients every day. While there are a variety of mouth guard options and reasons for using them, we have found that the three most common scenarios for mouth protection are TMJ, contact sports and teeth grinding, which often happens during sleep.

TMJ Solutions

Temporomandibular joint disorder is uncomfortable and painful for many people. Dr. Schneiders approach to treatment often includes use of bite splints. A bite splint is custom-designed and molded to fit your mouth. Its purpose is to help guide the positioning of your jaw and reduce the force placed on the affected temporomandibular joints. When used properly, your bite splint will help relax your jaw muscles and prevent unnecessary stress and wear to your teeth. Most TMJ patients respond well to splint treatment and find relief after wearing bite splints.

Sports Guard

Sports guards are recommended for all contact sports and in some work environments to help protect your teeth, gums and jaw bones from breakage and / or shock. If you play football, hockey, and lacrosse or engage in boxing, a mouth guard is mandatory. Many state and local organizations require sports guards for soccer and basketball.

Our dental team can create customized sports guards which provide you with the highest level of protection, guarding against breakage and absorbing shock. With proper care, your mouth guard will last about six months.

Night Guard

Clenching jaws and grinding teeth can make life very uncomfortable. Recent studies concluded that chronic jaw clenching and teeth grinding can be associated with head, neck, and back tension. Avoid feelings of discomfort and undue wear on teeth by using a night guard.

Our dental team works with you to identify a night guard that suits your specific needs and protects your mouth for the long-term. We always advocate for your health and consider ourselves your partner in preventative care.

If you would like to learn more about how a mouth guard option can help you, please call our smile care team at (949)380-0700.