Need Dental Bridges near Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA?

A bridge is a crown held in place of a missing tooth by being connected to an adjacent crown or crowns. Today, fewer patients need bridges because implant dental solutions are often the preferred method for treatment.

This does not mean that bridges are altogether unnecessary. Bridges are still an excellent solution for many patients. When placing a bridge Dr. Schneider takes the following details into careful account:

  • Existing medical conditions
  • Health of gum tissue
  • Crown margins
  • Bone levels
  • Previous implant failure
  • Patient feelings and communication of preference

Dr. Schneider prides himself on providing the most attentive care and taking plenty of time to discuss all options with each patient. He truly understands that with nearly every treatment there is a psychological component. Dr. Schneider partners with each patient to explain every part of the bridge process, and helps patients feel comfortable with treatment before it even begins.

To learn more about your options for restorative dental care, please call our smile care team at (949) 380-0700.