Reasons You May Need a Dental Implant

There can be a number of reasons why an individual loses one or more teeth. It’s not uncommon, and it can be the result of injury, accident, gum disease or infection. Once a tooth is gone, the remaining teeth can shift in your mouth. They can rotate or become crooked. With time, your bite will change, too. This can make biting or chewing food difficult. The gaps can also make the individual feel uncomfortable about talking or smiling and can have a negative impact on his or her quality of life.

There are a number of reasons to invest in Mission Viejo dental implants. See if any of these reasons resonate with you:

  • You have lost one or more teeth
  • You refuse to smile because you feel embarrassed by missing teeth
  • You feel self-conscious when you speak in public
  • You find it difficult to eat, drink or speak properly because of missing teeth
  • Your advanced gum disease is causing one or more of your teeth to loosen
  • Your dentures slip and cause pain when you eat
  • The teeth which keep your bridge in place are shifting
  • Your existing bridges or crowns are causing functional or cosmetic problems
  • You are willing to do the work needed to care for a dental implant
  • You are willing to visit your Mission Viejo dental implants dentist regularly
  • You feel your quality of life would be vastly improved if your teeth were in better shape

Agreeing with even one of these statements means you are a likely candidate for dental implants. Call your Mission Viejo dentist today to discuss your options.