The right oral hygiene routine can prevent periodontal disease, which can in turn have a lasting impact on more than just your teeth. Preventing this disease may also help prevent heart disease. Finding the right Orange County dentist can mean more than just having a bright smile.

The American Academy of Periodontology reports that people who have periodontal disease are twice as likely to develop heart disease at some point. An excellent way to improve your chances of avoiding this condition is to brush and floss regularly, and visit your dentist for routine cleanings and check-ups.

Some research suggests that people with certain diseases in their mouths can be at a higher risk for atherosclerosis of the carotid artery, which can lead to a stroke. Since bacteria in the mouth can enter your bloodstream through your gums, it is essential to practice a good oral health routine. Other research shows that there may be a link between gum disease and heart attacks.

If you have bleeding or puffy, swollen gums, you should make an appointment with a dentist immediately. Even if you do not have a reason to believe that you have any type of gum disease, you should see a dentist for regular cleanings and checkups, to maintain good oral health and reduce your risk of gum disease and heart health problems.

Your Orange County dentist can determine your oral health and recommend any necessary treatments to fight periodontal disease. Not only will your smile thank you for it; so will your heart.