No one likes to talk about it, but part of the holiday season includes getting together with people who often go out of their way to make others feel as if they are somehow failing in life. Maybe they present the perfect family, or maybe they just can’t get over the numbers in their bank account. Sometimes the best way to combat people like this at holiday dinners is by not saying a word. Simply walk in the room and smile.

If you want to present your best smile over the holidays, and silence any potential cut-downs, plan a visit with your Newport Beach cosmetic dentist.

You don’t want to make anyone miserable. You want to enjoy seeing your loved ones and not feel the pressure of judgment. Sometimes the best way to combat someone else’s misery is by being happy. When your Newport Beach cosmetic dentist gives you a great smile to share, it just seems a whole lot easier to maintain a happy demeanor. This demeanor often results in miserable people avoiding you, because they see that you aren’t going to take the bait. This means you can sit back and enjoy dinner with your loved ones and not worry about any attempts to deflate your ego or comments that might make you question yourself.

Step away from the holiday issues by using your physical features to combat negativity over the holidays — without saying a word. Even if the holidays make you depressed, simply fake it ’til you make it!