After having your Newport Beach dental implants fitted, you can expect to take several weeks to adjust, although many patients report feeling entirely comfortable in a matter of days.

While there’s a period of four to six months between having your implants and prosthetic teeth installed, the Dr. K. Schneider team can advise you regarding how to manage the process, which may include dentures or temporary teeth.

Newport Beach dental implants

Once they’re installed, Newport Beach dental implants will transform your smile and boost your confidence.

That said, there are a number of requirements you must first meet. Oral hygiene is a must, to stop plaque build up. To ensure the implants ‘take’, you will also need a strong jaw bone.

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Newport Beach dental implants VS dentures

Wondering what the difference is between dental implants and dentures?

Implants are installed into your jawbone and are permanent. They feature metal inserts which form the foundation for your prosthetic teeth.

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