Dr. Kurt Schneider is an award-winning Mission Viejo dentist specializing in restorative dentistry. Restorative cosmetic dentistry is suitable for patients that suffer from common oral health problems, as well as individuals with more advanced concerns. Dr. Schneider has more than 20 years’ experience working in the cosmetic dentistry specialization.

Treatments on Offer at Our Mission Viejo Dentist Facility

Dr. Schneider and his team offer a catalog of superior treatments, including: teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, crowns, dentures, Invisalign, implants, and bridges. While many general dentists can perform restorative procedures, there is likely to be a difference in the quality provided by a specialist, such as Dr. Schneider.

In addition to advanced treatments, we offer soothing extras, such as personalized TV programming, music selection, relaxation treatments, and a drinks and cookie service. For more information, contact a member of Dr. Schneider’s team, at 1-949-380-0700.