A dental implant is typically made from titanium. Designed to support tooth restoration, as the name suggests it’s implanted into the jaw bone, fusing there over time.

Orange County’s award-winning Dr. Kurt Schneider is an expert in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. For 20 years, he has been performing Mission Viejo dental implants that overhaul smiles.

Long lasting Mission Viejo dental implants

In addition to dental implants, Dr. Schneider’s highly-trained team offers tooth bonding, dentures, Invisalign orthodontics and porcelain crowns. We also do cosmetic improvements such as whitening and veneers.

What are Mission Viejo dental implants?

Dental implants involve an extended two-part procedure. First, implants are fitted to the bone beneath the gum’s surface. They’re then given up to six months to fuse.

In the second step, a prosthetic tooth is fixed to the implant, looking like a natural tooth.

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