Make the Most of Winter Downtime

In the warmer months, you probably want to be outside doing something active, like gardening or playing at the beach. The winter months bring colder temperatures that keep you inside more often, so why not make the most of them? Take care of the things you would not want to deal with in warmer months, so that when things heat up, your to-do list is already complete.

Get your dental work done. Have a visit with your Orange County dentist. Whether you need a cleaning or need more extensive work from your Orange County dentist, why not have it done while you are waiting for the weather to warm up? Any cosmetic work you have done will also give you some added motivation to get ready for spring socializing.

Clean out the closets. Now is a great time to clean out the closets. Since you have to pack up your holiday decorations anyhow, why not sort boxes as you go? You can donate your items to charity or try to get them organized for a future yard sale or some extra cash on an online auction or local sales group. When it comes time for spring cleaning you will have this portion of the job already done!

Finish craft projects. If the weather is keeping you in the house, take the time to finish all those craft projects you started ages ago. If you are no longer interested in them, consider donating the materials to a shelter, school, or even a residential placement center.