There are a couple of milestones that people look out for as signs that they are getting older. The very idea of getting older can make you feel older than you actually are, so any preventative maintenance you can do to that end is well worth the effort. There are a few obvious things you can do, like eating healthily, getting enough exercise, and being liberal with the moisturizer, but some things require a bit more effort than that. For instance, how do your teeth show your age?

As you get older, your teeth get stained and can even become brittle. You may also eventually end up with a type of gum disease. In the past, your options were limited because you did not want to get dentures when you still had a large number of healthy teeth, but you did not want to walk around missing one tooth, either. For some, partials were the answer. Today however, there are Newport Beach dental implants. Instead of having your teeth pulled or going without one or two, you can have permanent teeth put in, in the form of Newport Beach dental implants. These are as close as you can get to having your own natural teeth back in place and as healthy as they have been for most of your life. You never have to take them out to clean them, and you never have to worry about the dreaded Polident breath that comes as a sure sign of the aging process at work.