Are you contemplating Irvine dental implants? While the two-part procedure may initially sound daunting, in reality it’s a simple, safe process.

Dr. Schneider’s team will be happy to explain the procedure to you in detail. That way before you move forward you’ll know precisely what’s in store.

Before Irvine dental implants

The first step in Irvine dental implants is to schedule a consultation with Dr. K. Schneider. We’ll quickly establish whether you’re a suitable candidate. If you choose to proceed we’ll schedule you for the first procedure.

Dental implants are inserted directly into the jawbone. Please note: you will be heavily sedated and thus won’t feel any pain.

Irvine dental implants aftercare

After titanium implants have been fitted we will require between four to six months for your jawbone to heal. Throughout this period you will undergo regular checkups to ensure all’s well.

Once you’re completely healed, we will fix prosthetic teeth to the implants. Within weeks – sometimes even days – you’ll feel good as new, with a smile to prove it.