No matter what your age there’s a chance that you have some part of your smile which needs attention. The days of “railroad track” metal braces are behind you; with Orange County Invisalign braces you can correct your crooked teeth with little impact on your day to day life. No more watching what you eat, having wires snap and getting cuts from your braces. No more avoiding sports and visiting the orthodontist every two weeks for tightening.

Many Orange County dentist offices offer this cosmetic tooth alignment system along with other dental services to keep your smile white, straight and beautiful. Our office has the benefit of Dr. Schneider who is one of the few Orange County Invisalign certified dentists to ensure that your smile has no gaps, no crooked teeth and no over or under bite.  The invisible braces route is one that many older patients choose to straighten their teeth without being obvious. We all know that Orange County is known for the beautiful white smiles and star power, now you too can have that gorgeous big screen smile!