Straightening your teeth no longer has to involve those ugly metal braces that haunted so many of us as kids.  Invisalign is a relatively new technology which allows dentists to straighten your teeth by using a series of invisible aligners which slowly move your teeth and transform your smile.  Dr. Schneider is a certified, Orange County Invisalign expert.    Invisalign technology has completely revolutionized the Orthodontic industry by allowing people to straighten their teeth without the horrors of braces.  Invisalign is also a much more cost-effective way to straighten your teeth, and results can be seen much faster than with standard braces.

Dr. Schneider is one of the most well-respected Orange County Invisalign experts.  He has been trained at the Invisalign headquarters and is ready to provide you with this state of the art technology.  Not many dental professionals have gone to these lengths to ensure that they are equipped to provide you with the most perfect smile possible.  His patients are raving about the quick results after using Invisalign.  Give us a call, today, and learn how you can get a $500 tooth whitening credit if you choose Invisalign with Dr. Schneider.