It may be a sad reality, but there it is; your looks may mean more to potential employers than your skills. It really doesn’t matter what kind of a degree you have, if a potential employer would not want his or her clients to see you, you probably are not going to get the job. There may be no area in which this is more true than for your teeth. Facial scarring and disabilities are seen as things you don’t have control over, but, when it comes to your teeth, people are very judgmental. You may know that genetics has caused you to have serious dental issues, but the majority of the population is just going to assume you didn’t take care of your teeth properly.

Newport Beach dental implants may be your key to employment success. If you already have the skills and education you need to do the job, then your presentation may be the only thing that is left to worry about. With Newport Beach dental implants you can resolve the issue without anyone knowing you have them.

Yes, you could get a partial plate, but those are often noticeable and give the impression that you are older than you are. Since your age can also have an impact on your employment opportunities, this is an important factor to consider. Dental implants are not noticeable, because they look just like your real teeth and can be used like them, as well. When your smile is the only thing standing between you and successful employment, don’t you think it is worth it to do something about it?