Dr K Schneider is the right Newport Beach dentist to transform your smile. As cosmetic and restorative dentistry experts, our practice can whiten your teeth using techniques that won’t harm them.

What’s more, you can supplement our cutting-edge practices with other techniques to keep your smile pearly white.

Work alongside the Dr Schneider Newport Beach dentist team

Here’s a tip for female fact fans: lipsticks can also boost the white appearance of teeth. Avoid peachy and rust tones in favor of reds and plums.

Six-monthly teeth checkups will maintain your smile in optimal condition. The Dr Schneider team can keep staining, plaque and tartar at bay.

Newport Beach dentist solutions

If you would like to straighten the appearance of your teeth in addition to whitening, consider veneers.

We produce them in strong, natural looking porcelain; our expert team will make short work of any shape, size, position or color issues you have.

In addition, we offer dentures, fillings, tooth bonding, crowns, root canals, gum disease treatment and more.