When selecting an implant dentist, Irvine patients should look for a professional dentist who has considerable experience and seeks out continual training. Above all, you should feel comfortable and safe with the dentist of your choice. As an appealing advance in modern dentistry, implant dentistry has gained in popularity in recent years because it offers the functionality and appearance of normal teeth without the need for partial or full dentures. For patients of implant dentistry, Irvine’s Dr. Kurt Schneider is an appealing choice because of his commitment to all of his patients from consultation to surgery and recovery. Dr. Schneider provides patients with both preventive and restorative dental care. Tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient, every dental procedure conducted at Dr. Schneider’s office abides by state and federal regulations.

Implant Dentistry in Irvine

As an implant dentist, Irvine’s Dr. Kurt Schneider offers consultations for dental implants free of charge. Small titanium cylinders are placed inside the upper or lower jawbone during implant dentistry. Irvine patients will not notice any disruption to their daily lives during this process. The jawbone will fuse to the dental implants over time, holding them in place. An attractive alternative to dentures, dental implants restore tooth functioning and appearance so that patients can eat with ease and feel comfortable about their appearance. It is important to select an implant dentist in Irvine that has the appropriate skills to create a customized prosthetic tooth to place upon each dental implant. During implant dentistry, Irvine’sDr. Kurt Schneider uncovers implants and adds small posts to them that perform as anchors to replace missing teeth. Each tooth attaches to small posts that protrude out of the gums during implant dentistry. Irvine patients will then undergo a minor procedure during which Dr. Schneider will attach the new prosthetic teeth to the posts. Dental implants will thus operate like normal teeth.

This entire process can take from six to eight months for complete recovery. Dental implant patients can continue their normal activities without disruption. Most patients notice an immediate improvement while they are chewing foods and also have an increased comfort level in social situations. Dr. Schneider is available every step of the way to ensure the comfort of all patients.

As an implant dentist, Dr. Kurt Schneider is committed to the ongoing and long-term oral wellness for all of his patients.

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