Do you ever remember reading about George Washington’s wooden teeth and trying to imagine what that must have felt like or looked like? You probably floss at least twice that day. Thankfully dentistry has come a very long way since that time, and wooden teeth are nonexistent, but you have probably seen some teeth that are obviously fake and knew right away you would not settle for that level of dental care. Don’t worry. Your Newport Beach dentist will not settle for it, either.

Your Newport Beach dentist has a wide variety of options to choose from so your teeth always look natural. Do you need fillings to match your teeth? This is not a problem. Do you need braces, but do not even want people to see that you have these? That is not a problem either, thanks to Invisalign.

Technology has come a long way. Today you do not even have to use a partial plate or dentures, because you can always have a dental implant, so that you have a tooth that is just as solid as your original teeth were, and you do not ever have to take it out. Of course, your Newport Beach dentist is also ready and willing to help you with preventative care, as well, so that you do not have to worry about these issues. However, if the time ever comes that you need to replace your teeth or have them repaired, rest assured that no one has to know about it but you and your dentist.