Transforming Your Smile

You never had braces.  You never thought that you needed them in high school—your teeth were ‘straight enough.’  But through the years, you have become increasingly aware of the status of your smile, and you want to do something to change it.

Braces do not seem like a good option.  Braces have too much metal and too many brackets that really do not go with your professional and corporate look.  So what can you do to still get the smile that you have always wanted without being locked into metal and wires.

Invisalign gives you the ability to live your life naturally while straightening your teeth.  No one can tell that you are straightening your teeth with clear aligners, and you can still eat whatever foods you choose with zero restrictions.  Sound too good to be true?  Keep reading Dr. Kurt Schneider’s blog to learn more about Invisalign technology and what it can do for your smile!

Costs and Benefits of Invisalign

You might be thinking that there has to be a catch when it comes to Invisalign.  There is no way that you can straighten your teeth so easily, right?  But with Invisalign and Dr. Schneider, there are too many benefits to count that can help your smile.  These benefits include:

  • Invisible- clear aligners are virtually invisible to keep your smile transformation unnoticed!  You can go through your day with no one realizing that you are straightening your teeth.
  • NO restrictions- you might have heard that with braces, there is a list of foods that you have to stay away from because they can break metal brackets.  However, with Invisalign, you do not have to worry about restricting your diet or dental hygiene habits.  Whenever you eat, drink, or brush your teeth, simply remove the clear aligner.  Voila! That is all that you have to worry about!
  • Cost- most people think that this dental technology is more expensive than regular braces, but Invisalign’s cost is comparable to that of braces! You can have beautiful results at less cost than you thought possible.  Dr. Schneider will explain the ins-and-outs of cost after analysis of your insurance coverage.  You can afford a beautiful smile, learn how today!

More Information About Invisalign

If you think that Invisalign might work for your lifestyle to straighten you teeth, then do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kurt Schneider.  Dr. Schneider will answer all of your questions about Invisalign and discuss the cost with you as well.

You deserve to have a smile that you are proud of and want to show to every one.  Let Dr. Schneider and Invisalign create a smile that you have always wanted.  Learn more today!