Dental issues are not issues that are going to go away by themselves. They need professional treatment from someone who actually cares about what they are doing. Does your Newport Beach dentist love his or her job and do they forward to seeing your grimace turn into a smile? Not every Newport Beach dentist has fun at their job, but Dr. Kurt Schneider takes great pride in improving smiles all over California.

This Newport Beach dentist does not just punch a clock. He looks forward to putting you at ease and not just making sure your teeth and gums are healthy, but that you are happy with the way they look. This may be the only dentist that actually sees his job as “fun”, but because he looks forward to helping people feel proud about their smiles, that is exactly how he sees his job. If you want your teeth to not just be healthy, but to be attractive as well, Dr. K. Schneider is the dentist that you want to see in Newport Beach.