Article Title: Midnight Snacking, Eating After Dinner Linked to Tooth Loss

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Through this health news article, the connection between late night eating and tooth loss is evaluated.  Researchers have recently found that individuals who tend to snack in at night face more tooth loss than those who do not eat in the middle of the night.

Researchers believe that we do not salivate as much during the evening.  Because of this, our mouths cannot as effectively remove debris that accumulates when we eat.  So if you are eating a midnight snack of cake and milk, the chances that you will be releasing acids that cannot be combated is much more likely.

While there is still more testing that needs to be done to analyze this link, Dr. Kurt Schneider likes to keep up-to-date with the latest research to keep your mouth at its healthiest.  Knowing why more tooth decay and tooth loss might be occurring is vital to maintaining your dental health.

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