Article Title: Dental Phobia: Women In 40s Most Likely to Be Afraid of the Dentist, Study Finds


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When you think of dental fear, who do you think would be the most fearful of visiting the dentist? The answer might surprise you, and according to new research.  The group that fears the dentist the most tends to be women who are in their 40s.

Researchers from the University of Sydney suggest that women in the 40-year-old age bracket are more likely to have experienced trauma, abuse, or oro-facial trauma than other age groups.  Also, it has been reported that they are more likely to feel depressed, stressed, or anxious.

Dental fear is something that must be taken seriously, as it can keep individuals from reaching the dentist at the right time.  There are multiple implications for not visiting the dentist regularly, or for prolonging necessary dental visits. Dental problems can become worse, or issues can go unnoticed and cause long- term issues.

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