You know that your loved ones love to see you smile, and the holiday season is the time of year when people’s faces are typically aglow. If you avoid smiling due to unhappiness with the appearance of your teeth, we can help. Your Newport Beach cosmetic dentist offers many procedures that can help improve your smile, allowing you to give your loved ones the gift of your smile this Christmas.

Tooth Whitening

For discolored teeth, you may consider undergoing a tooth-whitening procedure. Tooth whitening essentially bleaches the tooth to give it a bright, shining, white appearance. Tooth whitening can be undergone in the course of an afternoon, or, if you wish to pace the procedure out over a longer period of time, it can be performed more slowly.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are another way to restore the appearance of your smile. This is an option for many people with cracked, discolored, worn, crooked, or broken teeth. A thin, restorative material is placed over the tooth’s surface to improve its appearance, while protecting it from further damage. Veneers make teeth appear to be brighter, straighter, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is a common procedure that fixes slight gaps between teeth, small chips, or other imperfections. Bonding materials are customized to match the rest of your teeth, and bonding is a simple procedure that is painless. Many people choose bonding, because it not only restores the appearance of their smiles, but the functionality, as well.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not share the gift of your smile this holiday season. Your Newport Beach cosmetic dentist is always happy to help you achieve the perfect smile that both dazzles and impresses, so, if you are unhappy with your teeth, make an appointment to start the journey to make your smile more beautiful.