Irvine California is home to a wonderful professional Irvine dentist service. Not surprisingly many adults have some type of misalignment with their teeth; an overbite, under bite, or even crooked teeth that were not repaired when they were teenagers but they do not want to have metal braces.

Irvine Invisalign service allows adults to get straight teeth with a much shorter and invisible treatment. This alternative to traditional braces is nearly painless and does not negatively affect your appearance. Clear molds that help redirect your teeth are worn mostly at night to straighten your smile. You can still have cavities filled, whitening treatments and even have teeth pulled if needed.

Contact your local Irvine dentist for information on how to straighten your teeth and have them whitened for a dazzlingly beautiful straight smile. Irvine has all the dental services you could ask for; whether you are young or old and need cosmetic dentistry or emergency dental care.