Getting teeth straight and gleaming white has never been easier – even if you weren’t lucky enough to be born with them.

Are you unhappy with your smile? Can’t remember the last time you grinned without feeling self-conscious? Californians looking for an A-list smile can change the color, shape and even the length of their teeth with a visit to a Newport Beach cosmetic dentist.

What a Newport Beach cosmetic dentist can do for you

A smile makeover can involve any number of procedures. Crooked teeth can be straightened using the latest invisible braces, or covered with porcelain veneers. Broken teeth can be repaired and missing ones replaced. And gaps? Solved with a dental implant or denture in no time. Meanwhile, large gums can also be reduced with laser contouring.

The right Newport Beach cosmetic dentist

When hiring a cosmetic dentist, it’s essential to choose one with the right experience in the work you’re looking at. Some will be a whiz with veneers, whereas others will be better with straightening, cosmetic bonding or crowns. Check out Dr Schneider and his team for full details on what they can do for you.