While it is clear to see that not everyone got the orthodontic care they needed when they were young, there are still many adults who do not want to walk around with metal braces to straighten their teeth and beautify their smile. That is where Orange County Invisalign cosmetic dentistry comes into play. Invisalign is a type of tooth straightening device that works like braces without the unsightly brackets and with less pain and expense too!

Cosmetic dentistry is more than simple tooth bleaching; all the orthodontic services of childhood are offered in a more adult style. Orange County Invisalign and Newport Beach Invisalign services provide a series of clear plates to help align your teeth. They are most often worn at night but you can wear them during the day as well and no one will know that you have “braces”. So what are you waiting for? You can have straight teeth and a beautiful smile without sporting metal railroad tracks in your mouth for a few years.