That perfect Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted is within reach thanks to Newport Beach Invisalign expert Dr. K. Schneider.

If you’re keen to fix your teeth alignment but are put off by traditional braces, Invisalign may just be the perfect fit for you.

Dr. Schneider has extensive Invisalign training. His patients are always thrilled with the results. So why wait any longer?

Newport Beach Invisalign is for you

Are you unfamiliar with the Invisalign system? It’s a virtually-invisible set of braces that mold to fit your teeth, realigning them over time.

Whether you’ve suffered for years from an underbite, overbite, gapped teeth, or overcrowding, Dr. Schneider can establish if Newport Beach Invisalign is the treatment for you.

Newport Beach Invisalign for young adults

Teenagers and young adults require a slightly different Invisalign treatment as their mouths often haven’t fully matured. Again, Dr. Schneider can help.

With Invisalign, new teeth can still emerge while others are been slowly straightened. Aligners are removable, so they won’t hamper a busy lifestyle.

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