When you think of a trip to the dentist, you probably picture simply going in for the cleaning and scraping, drilling and filling of cavities, and reminders to floss. But, these days, many dentists are also performing cosmetic dentistry. This means everything from having your teeth whitened and straightened, to having caps and implants procedures completed, all in the comforts of your Orange County dentist office. No need to visit this dentist, this cosmetic dentist, that orthodontist and that oral surgeon: your full service dentist can do it all, and make sure that you have a healthy and beautiful mouth!

This is an ideal evolution, because it used to be that if you went to your dentist and he discovered an overbite or crooked teeth, you would have to visit an orthodontist. If you needed dental implants or dentures, you had to go to a specialist and not just your dentist. Now it is one stop shopping for beautiful, straight white smiles, and healthy teeth and gums. Sure, you will still get your cleaning and filling done, along with the reminder to floss, but you will also be able to get full service cosmetic dentistry, including straightening, implants, and tooth bleaching, at your Orange County dentist office.

Dr. Schneider is a full service dentist who can handle both your general dentistry needs, as well as some of the more complicated procedures, such as caps, implants and Invisalign-branded braces.  Contact his office, today, to have a free consultation to discuss your dental needs.