Dental Implants or Partial Plates?

If you are considering Mission Viejo dental implants or wondering if you would be better off with a partial plate, instead, you might be interested to consider some of the details and costs that are not readily apparent.

When you have a tooth pulled, you automatically put the others around it at risk. That tooth removes support that the others may have had, and allows them to move around, which is a serious problem if you have any kind of gum disease issues. Mission Viejo dental implants are permanent and provide a solid neighbor to other teeth which may otherwise develop issues. This means that you will eventually need a new partial plate, or you will have to endure the significant cost of adding teeth to an existing partial.

Partials are generally meant only for temporary use. Using them for more than a limited time can cause significant dental issues, especially if they are not properly maintained. Keep in mind that the partial covers some of the area surrounding your tooth, and, because of this, food and bacteria can become trapped and speed up or increase any existing dental problems you might have.

If cost is the primary concern, consider the costs that you will endure if you have to keep going in for the surrounding teeth to be pulled and replaced. On top of that, a partial is easily broken and does not allow you to eat some of the foods that you would be able to with an implant.