As people age, their dental health may become compromised. There are several signs to look for as you get older, and your Newport Beach dentist can help you create an oral care routine that helps you combat some of these dental concerns.

Denture Concerns

Dentures can cause many problems if they do not fit properly or if they are not cared for adequately. A condition called stomatitis can develop, which causes difficulty with talking, eating, and even sleeping. Your dentist can help you to prevent this condition by making sure that your dentures fit properly, and ensuring that you are taking proper steps to avoid gum disease and other contributing factors.

Discolored Teeth

A lifetime of smoking, drinking coffee, and eating foods that stain teeth can lead to tooth discoloration. While you can help to prevent this condition by not smoking, and choosing foods and beverages that will not stain your teeth, your dentist can also review cosmetic procedures that can help make your smile bright and healthy again.

Tooth Loss

When left untreated over time, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and an uneven jawbone. A good oral health care routine, and regular visits with your dentist, can help prevent tooth loss and other health conditions that can result from gun disease. If you have already begun to lose teeth, your dentist can also help to fit you for dentures or bridges to restore your smile.

Your Newport Beach dentist can review all of these conditions with you and help you to create a plan to get your smile back to normal. As you age, you may be more susceptible to these conditions, so being vigilant will be a key factor in your oral health.