A bright smile is inviting and shows confidence and good health. Having a great smile can boost self-esteem. Hence taking good care of your teeth and gums is necessary. This starts with finding the right cosmetic dentistry expert. Orange County patients who have broken, crooked, misaligned, or discolored teeth can seek out dental veneers. Orange County’s Dr. Kurt Schneider works carefully with patients to restore the brilliance of their smile, correct teeth placement and shape, thus boosting their self-confidence. As one of the area’s top cosmetic dentistry experts, Orange County’s Dr. Schneider offers recommendations to patients in an initial consultation to determine the best method of treatment based upon their unique individual needs, history, and lifestyle.

Dental Veneers in Orange County

By far one of the most popular methods of enhancing the appearance of the mouth and improving a smile involves dental veneers. Orange County patients who choose porcelain veneers are able to restore enamel that has been damaged from excessive teeth grinding or use of medical treatments such as chemotherapy and tetracycline. Patients also can protect teeth from further damage by using dental veneers. Orange County’s Dr. Kurt Schneider applies porcelain veneers over the surface of teeth, cosmetically resurfacing them to improve the appearance of teeth. After porcelain veneers are applied, teeth appear brighter, more attractive, and straighter. When choosing a cosmetic dentistry expert, Orange County patients should select a board-certified dentist with extensive experience who is very skilled at providing dental veneers. Orange County’s Dr. Schneider is certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is well known for dramatically enhancing the lives of patients through his careful and aesthetic approach.

As one of the top cosmetic dentistry experts in Orange County, Dr. Schneider guides patients every step of the way, explaining in detail how the process works to ensure the comfort of all patients and that they receive their desired outcomes from veneering techniques. Dr. Schneider meets with patients in an initial consultation to discuss and plan how the patient’s smile will appear, employing state of the art professional imaging technology as a cosmetic dentist. Orange County patients can thus rest assured in knowing what the final outcome will resemble and feel more in control before any treatment ensues.

Prior to treatment for dental veneers, Orange County’s Dr. Schneider carefully considers every detail of your face including the shape of lips, gums, and the face, your age and tooth color, length and shape of teeth, oral health history and lifestyle and sleeping habits.

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