What exactly is cosmetic dentistry? According to many dental insurance plans, anything that is not medically necessary for oral health is considered to be cosmetic. Often these insurance companies will cover tooth straightening or implants for children, but when it comes to adults, it seems as if the beauty of your smile is not important. Newport Beach cosmetic dentist services include many treatments that are not part of your average everyday dental care. You can still get fillings, extractions and cleanings, but they also offer the small and large things that can help your smile be more beautiful.

Tooth whitening, Invisalign invisible braces, caps, veneers, and other cosmetic services may seem frivolous or a waste of money, but the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile is undeniable. Newport Beach cosmetic dentist services offer you the opportunity to discover a wonderful smile.

Irvine Invisalign treatment is a wonderful way to straighten your teeth, without unsightly metal braces, and while this is considered a cosmetic treatment to many insurance companies, it can be necessary for more than cosmetic reasons. A misaligned bite can cause jaw pain, tooth damage, and cause eating and speech problems. If there is a medical reason for the treatment, besides simply wanting to look good, then your insurance is likely to approve it. If there is not, then it may be up to you to finance your new smile — but it is worth it.