As a parent, you likely remember being a teenager, and the many ways that appearance was important. If your teenager is dealing with a smile that could be a little straighter, or a little whiter, it is important that you realize what a big deal something like that can be for a hormonal teen. What adults see as a quirky smile could be the source of endless teasing for a teen. It may seem frivolous to seek a Newport Beach cosmetic dentist for your teenager, but in fact, an Orange County cosmetic dentist provides all the same services as your family dentist, but also offers straightening, whitening and even implants, if they are needed. So think of cosmetic dentistry as regular dentistry with more options.

If you notice that your child is smiling less often, or using shielding hands or closed lipped smiles to hide their teeth, it is important for their self confidence that you take them to see a Newport Beach cosmetic dentist. If braces are needed to straighten the teeth, cosmetic dentists offer the Invisalign option, so that your teenager doesn’t have to deal with the pain, dietary restrictions and embarrassment of metal braces. Sure, as adults, we know that beauty is only skin deep, but for teenagers, appearance is everything; even if it seems purely cosmetic, now, as your teenager becomes an adult, straight teeth and a white smile can make a big difference in their appearance, confidence and overall health. Make an investment in your teen’s future, today!