Clear Braces Can Enhance Your Smile While Straightening Your Teeth

Braces are sometimes a necessary evil for those with misaligned teeth. Whether the mouth is overcrowded naturally, or because of the need to remove unhealthy teeth, braces can sometimes be required to pull teeth into the proper alignment. Having straight teeth is not just a matter of a more attractive smile, but also a matter of oral health.

Fortunately, Mission Viejo Invisalign treatments can keep you smiling while you wear braces. Invisalign is the latest in “clear” braces technology. It allows the dentist to do his or her job as unobtrusively as possible. The application is as close to invisible as possible. This builds confidence and allows patients to feel good about their smile and appearance, even while the work of straightening the teeth is under way.

Patients no longer have to feel awkward and embarrassed by the bands of shiny metal in their mouths. With clear braces, you can talk and smile just as you did before and many people will not realize you are wearing braces.

In Mission Viejo, Invisalign can be applied to dental patients in outpatient visits to your dentist. Whether you are looking to close gaps, straighten teeth, or correct your bite, these invisible braces can be the way to go if you have been considering braces but hesitated because you didn’t like traditional braces. Talk to your dentist about the advantages, and see if you agree that clear braces can help improve your smile, without the unsightly metal braces that so many people remember from years ago.